Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Flying To Seoul Days After Korean Plane Crash

I have some pretty bad luck when it comes to flying. I've had a plane's wing hit the ground during landing, I've fallen asleep during short layovers, and about two years ago, I landed in Seoul the day North Korea attacked an island just west of the airport. And now, I'm flying back to South Korea days after an Asian Airlines flight from Seoul to San Francisco crashed on landing, killing at least two people.

I'm not too worried about this as it looks like the pilot was inexperienced and will probably take the blunt of the blame for this one. And, after my first arrival in Incheon airport (where I was greeted both soldiers running around with machine guns), I feel like my triumphant return to Seoul would be a little less triumphant if it wasn't accompanied by some sort of traumatic event.

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