Monday, July 15, 2013

PodCast Interview: Kevin Heintz of Magna Fall

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Growing up in rural Iowa, I would sometimes load my car with friends and drive the 30 or so miles to music venues in Des Moines, our state capital, or Ames, home of Iowa State University. A few of those concerts featured the band Ephraim Zenh, lead by guitarist / lead vocalist, and Iowa native, Kevin Heintz.

Much to my surprise, I ran into Kevin in 2011 while I was playing music on the street in Seoul. Both of us had moved to Korea to teach English, and with our free time, had formed bands with friends. I ended up leaving South Korea to teach English for the Peace Corps in Colombia, but Kevin stayed in Korea where he continued to teach and play music in the Seoul area.

Now more than two years later, his band, Magna Fall, has risen to the top of the expat music scene, playing large venues, street concerts and appearing on Korean television. I caught up with the now 30 year old music veteran via Skype to talk about starting a band in Korea and how he's adapted to life in one of the world's most populated cities.

Visit or like Magna Fall on Facebook for more info and dates for upcoming shows in the Seoul area. For online videos of their performances, including their recent appearance on MBC's Nanjang music show, check out their YouTube channel.

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