Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Celebrating 10 Years Of HBC Fest With Organizer Lance Reegan-Diehl, Comedian C. Charles & Special Guest Host Doug!

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In celebration of the 10th year of HBC Fest, Chance and special guest host Douglas Vautour interviewed HBC Fest organizer Lance Reegan-Diehl, enjoyed the standup comedy of C. Charles, and finished the night with a performance from Lance Reegan-Diehl Band.

Oh, and did we mention a wrestling match broke out during the show? Yah, that happened.

Lance Reegan-Diehl is the mastermind behind Seoul's HBC Festival, which is now celebrating is 10 year.

He's also a guitarist/Composer/Producer/Clinician with eleven studio albums, 5 number one hits, numerous singles and album tracks to his credit. He offers multiple services for musicians in the Seoul area through his website, http://deeleebob.com/.

Originally from Denver, Colorado, comedian C. Charles has performed all over South Korea and hosts a monthly comedy show at The Harp in Bundang. Check him out at Facebook.com/CCharlescomedy and https://twitter.com/gilmatic.

With an eclectic mixture of guests, bands & the man-bro chemistry of the hosts, Chance & Dan Do Korea has something for everybody. Like our Facebook page to receive regular updates on guests, special deals and recording dates. Special thanks to Andrew Moran Designs, Phillies Pub and Douglas Vautour Photography for making this live episode possible.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Friday, March 20, 2015

LIVE From Cheonan with Boxer Amy Berezowski, Comedian Todd Bruns & the Music of Moose Tracks!

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The live podcast show Chance & Dan Do Korea hit the road to visit the "proud, rural farming community" of Cheonan.

While there, the duo interviewed professional boxer Amy Berezowski, comedian Todd Bruns & heard a set by Cheonan rockers Moose Tracks!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Chance & Dan Celebrate Groove Magazine's 100th Issue with Editorial Director Elaine Ramirez, 'Artist's Journey' Columnist Wilfred Lee & 'Top 100 Expats" Musicians Magna Fall

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"Chance & Dan Do Korea" held a special Groove Magazine episode in celebration of the 100th Issue of South Korea's #1 English Publication.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

LIVE "Chance & Dan DO KOREA" with Comedian Brian Aylward & Photographer Clayton Jones

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On Sunday, January 25th, "Chance & Dan DO KOREA" returned for its second live podcast show at Phillies Pub in HBC with comedian Brian Aylward and photographer Clayton Jones. The show began with the mention of the live podcast's recent mention in the English edition of The Korea Times. Check out the article here:

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Chance & Dan Mini Episode - Korea Times Article & Ice Fishing In Korea

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Here's a mini episode from Chance & Dan before they go live at 5:30pm on Sunday, January 25th at Phillies Pub in HBC with world traveling comedian Brian Aylward & Left Hand Right Hand photographer Clayton Jones. They also discuss their recent article in The Korea Times & Chance's
first time ice fishing in Korea. Check out the article here:

Saturday, January 3, 2015

LIVE "Chance & Dan DO KOREA" with Comedian Jonathan Burrello & Blogger Adam Carr

"Chance & Dan DO KOREA" is back with the duo's first live podcast show at Phillies Pub in HBC featuring the cerebral comedy of Jonathan Burrello & hard-hitting blogging of Adam Carr.

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