Friday, March 20, 2015

LIVE From Cheonan with Boxer Amy Berezowski, Comedian Todd Bruns & the Music of Moose Tracks!

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The live podcast show Chance & Dan Do Korea hit the road to visit the "proud, rural farming community" of Cheonan.

While there, the duo interviewed professional boxer Amy Berezowski, comedian Todd Bruns & heard a set by Cheonan rockers Moose Tracks!

Amy Berezowski and her husband, former Korean "Super Light Champion" Young Bin, own Korea's largest and only bi-lingual pro boxing club, Hulk's Boxing.

Todd Bruns first did comedy opening for a band in his hometown of Lawrence, Kansas, but did not get into comedy fully until coming to the ROK.

Todd has performed in Seoul, Daejeon, Daegu, Busan, Suwon as well as recent performances in Thailand.

Check out Todd's blog at

"Moose Tracks" is the music of Cheonan-based expats Jerome Kemper, an environment scientist with a PhD from Yale, his fiancé, and a few friends.

James Kim, vocals/lead guitar
Robyn Horn, vocals/rhythm guitar
July Choi, drums
Jerry Kemper, bass/drums

Check out for photos of the event and updates on future recordings. 
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Special thanks to Banana Bar & Andy Moran Designs for supporting this episode of Chance & Dan Do Korea!


Nathan Anderson said...

Good stuff! I used to live in Pohang, which had about 600,000 people and was still considered 'rural'. I definitely would prefer it to Seoul, though... if you get the chance to move out to a smaller area, I'd say go for it! It's a much different experience than the 'big city'.

Meg said...

Seems like such a unique opportunity to host a radio show in Seoul. I feel like it's such an eclectic city with so much local talent and lots to learn. What a cool gig!