Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Korea Observer Spring Party w/ Dawn Roh, Se-Woong Koo, Steve Miller & Boss Hagwon

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"Chance & Dan Do Korea" returned to Seoul after their trip to Cheonan for The Korea Observer's Spring Party at Bull & Barrel!

Tae-hoon Lee & other members of The Korea Observer

The Music of Dawn Roh

An interview with Korea Exposé Editor in Chief Se-Woong Koo

Music and a short Interview with Boss Hogwon -

And a talk with Asia News Weekly Podcast MACHINE Steve Miller

You can also find great photos of this live recording on our Facebook Page:

Special thanks to The Korea Oberserver & Andy Moran Designs for supporting this episode of Chance & Dan Do Korea!


Matt said...

Awesome cast of characters! It's cool see how Seoul is more and more becoming a spot for expats to be creative.

Reese52 said...

Thanks for the post. Nice links to more photos. Looks like you all had a lot of fun!

Meg said...

This is why I've wanted to move to Seoul for so long. I love that expats are able to be integrated into the artistic scene. Great post.

Nathan Anderson said...

Interesting stuff! I love Steve Miller's stuff, he puts out some great news content! I've gotten out of the habit of listening lately; I'm not in Asia anymore and I'm crazy busy, but should really get back into it.

It was cool to listen to this and recognize a lot of the names, got to love the Korean underground news scene.

Katie said...

Oooo I am going to have to listen to that Steve Miller podcast (I am very into podcasts lately!). Looks like a fun party and a great group of people!

Duke Stewart said...

Loved this. Looks and sounds like it was a fun time. As Nathan said, it's great to hear so many voices of people I've heard about and met. Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to hearing more from this podcast. Cheers!