Thursday, April 16, 2015

Live "Chance & Dan DO KOREA" With Musician Henry Bloomfield & Comedian Enda Whitney

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"Chance & Dan Do Korea" returned to their home at Phillies Pub in HBC with the music of Henry Bloomfield and comedy stylings of Enda Whitney!
Henry Bloomfield studied at Berklee College of Music in Boston and has performed across the United States with strands of rock, blues, funk, and pop. He made a name for himself in Korea after the release of his hit music video, "Ms. Mary". Check out his interview with Groove for more info ~

Enda Whitney is a veteran Irish comedian who will soon be leaving Korea to pursue a master's degree in education. (Talk about funny). His routine often includes stories from growing up in Ireland and being an Irish Catholic who dates a Jewish girl from New York.
His girlfriend is ACTUALLY from Long Island, NOT New York!
He also explores the likelihood of us all becoming serial killers and musicals. Yes, musicals. Check out his 2014 interview with Groove Magazine for more info ~

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Special thanks to Andy Moran Designs & Phillies Pub supporting this episode of Chance & Dan Do Korea!

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